Capacity Building and Trainings

Capacity Building and Trainings

SINERGETIKA offers on-demand training and capacity building on a wide range of topics related to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources of Energy. This activity targets both private and public sectors, covering technical, economic, financial, and implementation aspects of the project lifecycle.

Sustainability is a subject of major importance at SINERGETIKA. We value the commitment of our clients to invest in new and efficient technologies, but above all, we think skills and abilities are the ones to ensure projects’ sustainability. The ability to learn new things, and to cover existing knowledge gaps is one of the major opportunities to maintain project lives.

Training and capacity-building activities are complex and challenging activities that we love to conduct. Our offer is designed to respond to the needs of each of our clients and therefore it is creative, requiring imagination and sensitivity. With our support, you can learn about the technologies, their applicability, costs and benefits, risks and their mitigations opportunities, environmental impact, and legal framework.


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