Support in mobilizing investment

Support in mobilizing investment

Achieving rapid clean energy transitions depends on enhancing access to low-cost finance for clean energy projects. This means developers holding ready-made finance plans and strategies should be able to find the funds required to implement their projects. Because this doesn’t happen all the time, there is a need for third-party services to facilitate access to finance. SINERGETIKA is a company that can support you in identifying the capital required to build projects.

Investment recruitment activities usually follow a protocol predefined by the financier/donor and represent the main path to investment access. In the cases of many projects, accuracy in following the protocol represents the major element of success and here SINERGETIKA staff can support you with all required knowledge and skills. The added value of our experts’ team is tightly connected to a deep understanding of the local legal, business development and technical aspects of businesses in EE&RES sectors.

Together with us, you will learn about all possible financing streams that envisage energy efficiency and renewable energy support, you will be able to select the most suitable financier for your project, negotiate the best conditions and close the deal on expected terms.


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