Business plans and project proposals development

Business plans and project proposals development

It takes more than just a strong idea to get financing for your project. Writing a business plan or a project proposal helps clarify and organize ideas in a written form and provides the basis for a funding search. Once the ideas have been transformed into a thorough proposal, they can be funded. Putting your idea on paper is the tricky part because it requires you to build it as the platform for negotiations with possible financiers and development partners.

Writing a successful business plan or a project proposal requires skills and abilities to translate the needs of the clients into the financier/donor investment preferences. SINERGETIKA has a solid experience in the field and can assist you with formulating the purpose, objectives, deliverables and funding structure of your project, following the expectations and requirements of the donors/financiers.

Our team of experts can cover a wide variety of EE&RES technologies and will outline for you the major elements to be taken care of when planning the business. Local knowledge is also a strength we consider extremely important because it gives life to realistic projects which translate all the risks, advantages and disadvantages of a specific business idea.

With us, you will experience the best coverage in terms of technologies and will understand all potential risks that may hinder your business idea as well as learn the mitigations actions you can take to increase your chances.

The planning and proposal writing service is a natural continuation of the feasibility assessment stage, therefore we recommend a turnkey service to increase the chances of achieving the planned outcomes.  


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